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Resources from Mobile Boilerplate

I've been playing around with Mobile Boilerplate, because the HTML5 Boilerplate project has been an excellent resource and I'm always looking for ways to make developing mobile websites easier on myself (The next redesign of the Pugetworks site is going to have to reflect a mobile-first approach, but I want to give our fancy portfolio a short stay of execution, given all the work involved in setting it up. Have you tried it yet?)

Overall, Mobile Boilerplate is a good setup, and I've decided I'll use it on an upcoming personal project. In the meantime, their wiki pointed me to a couple of excellent resources I wanted to turn around and recommend to you:

  • The Idiot's Guide to viewport and pixel is an excellent, no-nonsense explanation of the challenges presented by mobile viewport and media queries, and the current working solutions to them. It explains why MB is set up to the way it is, but it's 100% generalizable to your web site whether you're using the templates or not.
  • Webkit Remote Debugging is something I have not tried yet, but it promises to allow you to run the Web Inspector tool from Safari on web pages displayed on another browser, even on another computer. This includes mobile devices like the iPhone, if you do a couple tweaks in xcode. Given the difficulty of developing mobile apps without a good built-in debugger, this could change everything.
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