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Make your best compliment twice as true.

What's your favorite compliment of all time, or of the last year? Chances are, your complimentor has identified something that comes easily to you, a natural gift of yours that was appreciated. It may be more valuable to improve something that you're already pretty good at than try to rebuild yourself in something that is difficult.

Let's say it's some mode of communication, maybe written communication. Where else can you use this skill? How could you be even better at it? What is it that makes you good, and how can you make it happen more often?

Now look at your team.  What's the best compliment of your team over the last year?  What can you do within your team to elicit that compliment from other sources?  How could you arrange for the kinds of situations that make your team shine to happen more often?  What kind of projects will lead you to say to Product Development (or whoever) "Bring it on, we are up to the challenge!"

This kind of self improvement, the kind that focuses on something you're already doing well has a much lower effort. When you pick an area your team is good at, chances are they're excited about it.  You may find as a result that pursuing excellence actually returns energy to your team instead of subtracting it.  How's that for easy self improvement?